Free hosting services on AWS Cloud Purchase for Startups

Discover the true potential of your business


Free hosting services on AWS Cloud Purchase for Startups

Discover the true potential of your business

Accelerate your Digital Transformation (DX) journey with portfolio of GoDgtl Cloud Solutions & Services

Organizations worldwide are redefining the way they conduct business with scalable cloud-based solutions. A growing number of businesses are taking steps to enable cloud transformation into their core digital transformation strategies. The journey entails adopting the most suitable cloud platform, choosing the optimal agile processes and technologies, and incorporating robust security standards across the enterprise

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With our help, you can kickstart your DX objectives and implement the latest Digital Transformation (DX) Technology and build a future-ready digital enterprise

Cloud Consulting & Migrations

GoDgtl provides cloud consulting, cloud cost optimization, and cloud migration services for the public cloud platforms available in the market, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

Cloud Cost Optimization

Get the cost-effectiveness that you expected by moving to cloud with our cloud optimization services, and focus just on your core business.

Cloud Managed Services

GoDgtl is a leading AWS managed service provider. Our cutting-edge monitoring and service management platform is equipped with 24×7 IT and Cloud Support Services and features that can detect and report incidents even before they occur.

DevOps As a Service

GoDgtl provides DevOps services which include continuous integration and delivery of software, DevOps automation, release management, maintenance, and support.

AWS Qualifications

AWS Capabilities

AWS Cloud Security Services

GoDgtl AWS Cloud Security Services, backed by a professional team of security experts, offers a complete end-to-end solution to ensure secure cloud computing regardless of your industry vertical.

AWS DevOps Solution

At GoDgtl, our AWS DevOps solutions drive cloud agility and innovation. With tailored strategies, automation, IaC, container orchestration, serverless computing, and robust security integration, our AWS-certified experts provide continuous support. Unlock AWS’s full potential – contact us today!

AWS EC2 Service for Microsoft Windows

GoDgtl by Prutech helps customers modernize their infrastructure through the effective implementation of Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server. With a deep domain knowledge and expertise team, GoDgtl offers customized solutions based on customer specific requirements.

AWS Storage Services

GoDgtl AWS Storage Services by Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers scalable and secure cloud storage for businesses. It includes various storage classes like Glacier, S3, and EFS, ensuring efficient data management. With integration to other AWS services, advanced security features, and analytics capabilities, organizations gain reduced costs, improved accessibility, and valuable insights from their data.

AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) Solution

GoDgtl AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a cloud-based firewall solution that helps protect web applications from common web exploits. It enables you to control access to your web applications by allowing or blocking traffic based on specific rules.

AWS Well Architected Review

A Well-Architected Framework provides architectural best practices built around six pillars—operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and sustainability. The AWS Well-Architected Framework describes key concepts, design principles, and architectural best practices for designing and running workloads in the cloud.

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GoDgtl’s Cloud Crew has Certified AWS practitioners and AWS certified DevOps professionals that come with varied experiences. We offer on-demand AWS practitioners on a Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly basis; and can also offer a dedicated team as per your business requirements.

Cloud Crew Services

Frequently Asked Questions

At GoDgtl, we believe in delivering best-in-class digital transformation experiences. We’re your reliable cloud storage provider, cloud managed services provider, DevOps services provider, and AWS implementation partner.

Why buy AWS from GoDgtl?

GoDgtl can help your business in choosing the exact resources it needs based on factors such as your budget which can help you reduce cost with unwanted resources without any assumptions. You can be assured of getting the right resource at the right time and right cost.

What is the benefit of moving AWS billing to GoDgtl?

GoDgtl has a team of experienced AWS consultants that provide immense support on your AWS consumption. With our cloud consultation services and assessments, you can achieve maximum AWS cloud cost optimization. Along with monitoring the billing, our team also provides weekly reports on the consumption which helps make decisions quickly on any unused resources.

Would any changes or access in resources be involved while moving the billing to GoDgtl?

Rest assured that there won’t be any changes in the resources while moving your billing. At the same time, our team will not have any access to your resources. For switching, we will be sending an invitation to the given AWS Account ID and this invitation will be in the AWS Organization.

GoDgtl for Startups

As a startup, you already have many challenges before you. Don’t let cloud be one of them. Our team of experts takes over all the tasks of assessment and review so that you can grow your business, stress-free.

How big is the Cloud Crew?

GoDgtl has 20+ certified AWS experts and AWS DevOps professionals with a minimum of 3+ years of experience in deploying and managing the AWS Infrastructure.

Why is GoDgtlright for my organization?

GoDgtl’s key focus is to provide customers a solution best suited to their needs at an appropriate cost. Being India’s only subscription-deployment based model for cloud services, we offer –free assessmentsfor start-ups, a comprehensive cloud crew to help choose the right solution as well as guide you through your digital transformation journey.

What is the benefit of choosing GoDgtl?

GoGoDgtl provides immense support on your AWS consumption. With our consultation,services, and assessments, you can achieve cost optimization along with monitoring of billing. Our team also provides weekly reports on the consumption which helps make decisions quickly on any unused resources.

Is there any impact to my Data or Resources by switching to GoDgtl?

Rest assured, there won’t be any changes in the resources while moving your billing with us. At the same time, our team will not have any access to your resources and complete ownership of the resources and data lies with the respective owner.

Will we get free Consultation by GoDgtl?

Yes, based on your requirements, wewill provide a free consultation to choose the right infra with the right sizing on cloud, which offers a cost-effective solution along with performance efficiency.

How would the Starter plan be best suited for Small Business Owners?

Once you’ve purchased the AWS Subscription via GoDgtl, our experts will start deploying the services free of cost and will also help you as a business owner to make decisions on the resources which you will need at an affordable cost with best practices.

Is there a dedicated cloud crew available in GoDgtl?

Yes, we have 50 plus certified Cloud consultants on board with us for deploying and managing the workloads on Cloud. workloads on Cloud.

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    How GoDgtl helps Small Business Owners

    We firmly believe that business owners and entrepreneurs should focus on their core business tasks, leaving all their Cloud Hosting requirements to us. Our team of experts takes over all the tasks of assessment and review so that they can grow their business, stress-free.

    Our Clients

    Through our AWS consulting services, we have helped multiple growing organizations move their IT infrastructure to the Cloud and look forward to helping your business get started on its digital transformation journey.