AWS Cloud Security

GoDgtl AWS Cloud Security Services, backed by a professional team of security experts, offers a complete end-to-end solution to ensure secure cloud computing regardless of your industry vertical. Our Cloud Security Service provides a comprehensive set of services to help you strengthen your resistance to external attacks, detect intrusions and prevent malicious incidents.

Our cutting-edge tools monitor your infrastructure and are constantly updated to counter threats, ensuring that your cloud and data remain safe.

GoDgtl offers robust security solutions to strengthen the security posture of your organization. We help organizations increase their business efficiency by implementing the latest technologies.

Our cloud security solutions focus on the following domains

Incident Response

Evaluate your security posture and be prepared to detect, contain, and recover from a data breach. Our effective security solutions help mitigate risks sooner and reduce the damage caused to systems. We help organizations to handle critical security incidents and quickly resolve cyberattacks by implementing long-term solutions to stop further attacks and ensure an overall secure business environment.

Logging and Monitoring

Logging Tools give a deeper insight into the security posture and predict vulnerability in the existing environment. Logging and monitoring help organizations to:

  • Design and implement security monitoring and alerting.
  • Monitoring>
  • Design and implement a logging solution
  • Troubleshoot logging

Infrastructure Security

Testing workload throughout its lifecycle for consistency and ability to recover automatically from failures ensures its reliability. To meet the demand it acquires the new resources dynamically.

Identity and Access Management

Run and operate user provisioning, access management, and governance reporting solutions across hybrid and public clouds. Ensure that resources are accessible by designing and implementing a scalable authorization and authentication system. By implementing IAM best practices, we ensure organizations have complete control of user access to critical information and assign authentication only for the necessary information to each user. Through IAM, we automate user authentication and track user privileges. IAM tools help system administrators to assign role-based access control and regulate access to systems or networks within the organizations.

Data Protection

Data is the most vital resource for any organization, which is of utmost priority to secure. We help organizations meet all security compliance and regulations for the exchange of data and ensure it is free from malware and is accessible only to authorized individuals. We offer tools to encrypt data and build highly reliable, compliant workloads. Implementing the right solutions and following compliance and regulations help ensure the safety and protection of user data. Data protection allows enterprises to prevent data breaches, and damage to reputation. It ensures secure and enhanced services thereby gaining customer satisfaction.

Docker Security

The latest advancement in the software engineering industry is the use of Docker containers.
Deploying Docker Containers is an easy process which makes it vulnerable to security breaches. We implement the security techniques and features that can be implemented to ensure that your Docker environment, host, and containers are running as securely as possible. Understanding the right container security solutions is necessary due to the increased adoption of Docker and containerization. Through our expertise in cloud services, we help organizations choose the right container security solutions.

API Security

APIs are the gateway to networks or applications hence it is crucial to secure these components. Our security strategy involves authentication, authorization, and threat prevention for safeguarding APIs and checking for possible vulnerabilities. API security infrastructure ensures a strong protection level. We help organizations choose the right technology stack to secure their cloud environment, integrated platforms, and API gateways to secure their APIs.

Host and Endpoint Security

We deliver security solutions that are customized for specific workloads and use cases. These solutions enable automation, agility, and scaling with the workloads. Endpoint security includes the implementation of agents that detect and protect against malware and other threats found on the operating system or host.

Benefits of adopting Cloud Security

Cloud security involves security measures designed to protect data, resources, and applications hosted on the cloud./p>

24×7 Visibility

Cloud security enables continuous monitoring of applications and cloud assets. It provides visibility of the risk posture to organizations and its impact on the business.

Data Security

Cloud security solutions provide effective data security through protocols and policies such as data encryption and robust access controls to restrict unauthorized access of vital information.

Advanced Threat Detection

By using end-point scanning and global threat intelligence, cloud security can detect threats more easily. It allows organizations to assess the mission-critical assets and identify the potential risks they face.

Higher Availability

Built-in redundancies available in cloud security solutions ensure higher availability of resources.

Cost Optimization

The cloud security model provides a pay-as-you-go model for the efficient use of resources and avoid spending on unused resources

Regulatory Compliance

A reliable cloud provider follows regulatory standards and industry-specific compliance needs through managed security services.

Effective protection against variety of attacks

Cloud security solutions provide the most effective protection against DdoS attacks through continuous monitoring, identifying, analyzing, and mitigating DDoS attacks. The flexibility, scalability, customizability of these solutions allows prevention of cyber-attacks of any capacity.

Our Approach:

GoDgtl by Prutech is committed to provide next generation and AI based cyber security solutions to our customers to protect their critical workloads and assets. Ensuring digital security is essential for organizations to realize their cloud journey.

Our expert security solutions help organizations to:

  • Keep their on-premises and cloud resources secure.
  • Avail cost-effective solutions.
  • Easy management of critical data.
  • Real-time visibility, continuous monitoring, and support.
  • Quickly identify and resolve vulnerabilities.
  • Handle advanced cyber threats
  • Proactive measures for enhanced protection and risk assessment.

Our Services

GoDgtl by Prutech began its operations from USA in 1998 offering services across diversified industries that include Government Ministries / Companies and Enterprise entities across sectors such as BFSI, Manufacturing, IT / ITES, Real Estate, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Education. Following is the glimpse of our service offerings with a wide range of products including IaaS, SaaS and Managed Services

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