AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) Solution

The digital transformation of new-age businesses has helped them gain noticeable profits and endless opportunities to offer innovative and user-friendly services to customers. In the journey of digital transformation many organizations have faced the risk of cyber attacks and vulnerability issues.

AWS WAF is a web application firewall that provides robust security against DDOS attacks, online threats, and ensure PCI compliance. GoDgtl by Prutech offers a customized WAF solution to fulfill the specific security needs of customers pertaining to different industry verticals.

AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall) is a cloud-based firewall solution that helps protect web applications from common web exploits such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. It enables you to control access to your web applications by allowing or blocking traffic based on specific rules.

Web application firewall plays a vital part in cloud infrastructure where GoDgtl Security experts help business units in the effective implementation of securing the data through AWS WAF Solutions.

There are several solutions offered by AWS WAF to enhance your web application security:

  • AWS WAF Security Automations: AWS WAF Security Automations solution provides pre-configured AWS WAF rules that help protect your web applications from common threats such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. It also includes AWS Lambda functions that help automate the process of updating the AWS WAF rules.
  • AWS WAF Full-Featured API Gateway: AWS WAF Full-Featured API Gateway provides a fully managed API Gateway that includes AWS WAF protection against common web exploits. This solution also provides features such as rate limiting and authentication, which can help further enhance your API security.
  • AWS WAF Bot Control: AWS WAF Bot Control is a solution that helps protect your web applications from bots and automated attacks. This solution includes pre-configured AWS WAF rules that can detect and block suspicious bot traffic.
  • AWS Firewall Manager: AWS Firewall Manager is a central management solution for AWS WAF and other AWS firewall services. It allows you to centrally manage and automate the deployment of AWS WAF rules across multiple AWS accounts and resources.
  • AWS WAF Managed Rules: AWS WAF Managed Rules are pre-configured rules that can be added to your AWS WAF to protect your web applications from common web exploits. These rules are developed and maintained by AWS security experts and are updated regularly to protect against the latest threats.
  • AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF):

    • WAF is a web application firewall that offers robust security against application attacks, monitors HTTP and HTTPS requests that are forwarded to an API, CloudFront, or an Application Load balancer.
    • WAF is a comprehensive web application firewall to protect apps against vulnerabilities and mitigate security risks across servers, applications, software patches, and third-party resources.
    • WAF consists of an API that is used to automate, deploy, and maintain the security rules for protecting web applications.
    • WAF acts as a first line of defense for applications against some of the most common application vulnerabilities that include:
    Injection Attacks
    Sensitive Data Exposure
    Broken Authentication
    XML External Entities
    Broken Access Control
    Security Misconfigurations
    Cross Site Scripting
    Insecure Deserialization

    Features of Web Application Firewall (WAF):

    Protection against web attacks

    The rules included within the WAF API help check every web request with minimum impact on incoming traffic due to delays. In addition to the minimum latency impact on incoming traffic, WAF AWS offers many rules for inspecting any element of a web request. WAF AWS protects web applications by filtering traffic and restricting cyber-attacks according to the rules created.

    Compatible with AWS Services

    AWS WAF is easy to integrate with other AWS services like Amazon EC2, CloudFront, Load balancer, etc.

    Customized rules

    WAF AWS is a flexible and useful tool for protecting the infrastructure of applications. It is because of the ease that WAF provides users to establish rules according to their needs and vulnerabilities which they want to restrict. WAF AWS is a great solution to protect any web application environment at the enterprise level. The development team can define application-specific rules to improve web security during the earlier stages of app development.

    Monitoring and Control

    Web Application Firewall AWS allows us to create rules and review and customize them to prevent unknown attacks. Users have complete control of how the metrics are displayed, allowing them to monitor rules and inbound traffic.

    Web traffic filtering

    Users are allowed to create rules to filter IP addresses, HTTP headers, HTTP bodies, or URI strings from a web request. These managed rules are updated automatically to accommodate the changes made to the application architecture.


    WAF is implemented based on the specific requirements that include the number of web requests the application receives. There is no minimum cost assigned for the implementation of WAF.

    Benefits of AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF):

    • WAF is considered reliable over traditional firewall as it offers greater visibility into sensitive application data that is communicated using the HTTP application layer.
    • WAF can defend web-based applications without necessarily having access to the source code of the application.
    • WAF is of two types: host-based and cloud-hosted. While a host based WAF is integrated into application code, a cloud hosted WAF is capable of defending the application without having access.
    • A cloud hosted WAF is easy to deploy and manage as it allows virtual patching solutions enabling users to customize their settings and quickly adapt to newly detected threats.
    • WAF finds importance for the growing number of enterprises opting for internet-based services. Businesses offering online banking services, social media platform providers, and mobile application developers benefit through the effective implementation of WAF as it helps prevent data leakage.
    • WAF offers a robust security model in conjunction with other security components. A comprehensive enterprise security model that includes WAF and other firewall types such as NGFWs helps enhance the security posture for enterprise applications.

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