Case Study | AWS Pinpoint Service for JSci MedCentral

godgtl cloud managed services in india for JSci med central

Case Study | AWS Pinpoint Service for JSci MedCentral

JSciMed Central, an Open Source journal and publishing platform, was facing issues with regard to its email marketing campaigns and activities. The client was unable to send promotional and transactional emails to its wide network of students and researchers across the world. As they used bulk emailing tools, their email delivery rate was extremely low and their domain was marked spam by filters.

To get to the bottom of these challenges, JSciMed Central collaborated with GoDgtl by PruTech. GoDgtl suggested an AWS Pinpoint Service to the client that automates email campaigns and schedules triggers for the delivery of emails and SMS across its network. With this solution, JSCIMed Central was able to optimize its email campaigns and hurdles faced by users during transactions were minimized. 

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