AWs Storage Services Case Studies

Case Study | Gaja Constructions achieved DLP setup through AWS Storage Services

Gaja Engineering Private Limited is a prominent player in the Construction & Real Estate / Infrastructure Development Industry. With a strong commitment to excellence, Gaja Engineering Private Limited continues to provide top-notch service offerings in their diverse fields of expertise.

Gaja was looking for a reliable partner capable of offering a solution to effectively manage their data, which was stored across both individual and centralized servers on their premises.

GoDgtl, powered by PruTech recommended Amazon Storage Services to the client, facilitating the migration of their legacy data from on-premises to AWS. This migration aimed to enhance the ease of maintenance and enable automatic backups for added convenience.

The Challenge

Gaja stands as a prominent construction company, providing comprehensive project solutions to renowned organizations throughout India.

Initially, data from various departments within the organization was stored on both centralized and individual on-premises servers. However, the application experienced frequent performance issues, while the platform lacked essential scalability and compatibility features. Consequently, maintenance costs increased, and monitoring became challenging. Furthermore, the application’s vulnerability to potential risks arose due to security breaches on the VPS

Gaja encountered challenges with auto backups and insufficient storage space. To address these issues, they sought assistance from GoDgtl. Gaja expressed a preference for migrating their entire infrastructure to the cloud, seeking enhanced performance and high availability. Additionally, they required a solution to ensure regular backups for 50 systems.

The Solution

GoDgtl by PruTech, presented a complete cloud migration solution, which involved transferring their entire infrastructure to the cloud. We ensured higher availability and improved performance by hosting their data and crucial resources on different servers.

To further enhance their cloud storage capabilities and ensure automatic backups for 50 systems, we leveraged AWS Cloud Storage services. The migration of their applications to Amazon Compute services was seamlessly executed as part of the comprehensive GoDgtl cloud solution. Our team also managed site-to-site VPNs, data migrations, and general security measures.

For effective application functionality monitoring, we employed CloudWatch alarms and dashboards. Utilizing the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), we established an isolated virtual network to enable easy access and enhance overall productivity. To safeguard against unauthorized access and potential hacking attempts, we implemented advanced encryption techniques, including KMS (Key Management Service).

Results & Benefits

  • Amazon S3 offers various tools to efficiently organize and manage data, ensuring specific use cases are met, cost savings are achieved, security measures are enforced, and compliance standards are adhered.
  • Data and resources hosted on 50 different systems were successfully migrated to the cloud
  • A robust data backup system was installed to monitor the systems regularly.
  • Every day data is backed into AWS S3 using automatic backup schedule.
  • The implementation of IAM, MFA, and VPC ensured the overall security of the client infrastructure on the AWS Cloud
  • Enhanced cloud security by implementing KMS.
  • With the help of CloudWatch, we successfully achieved continuous support and monitoring for our services.
  • Offered backup support for cloud data.

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