7 Reasons to choose Oracle Cloud

7 Reasons to choose Oracle Cloud

7 Reasons to choose Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, one of the most used cloud computing services in the world, offers over 80 tools that help organizations across the world seamlessly migrate their on-premise workloads to the cloud. Embracing Oracle’s deck of cloud services has helped companies of all sizes in enhancing automation and security measured to diminish threats.

If you are also considering migrating to the cloud and contemplating which cloud computing service you should choose, here are the top 7 reasons you should go for Oracle Cloud.

1. Offerings that enhance performance

The Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering by Oracle comprises an assorted range of capabilities unmatched by any other cloud player in the market. Its second-generation platform, remote direct memory access (RDMA), and a suite of bare metal services are some of its differentiating functionalities.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has developed groundbreaking innovations and solutions like Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. Oracle’s cloud infrastructure is designed to support autonomous workloads to provide high availability, low latency, consistent performance, and resiliency. The cloud solution’s self-repairing, autonomous capabilities keep your data healthy and make certain that the last-known reliable version of your data is always accessible.

2. End-to-end security

The key design principle on which the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is made is security and in-depth defense. The cloud computing solution offers state-of-the-art design protection, such as data security, customer isolation, automated threat remediation, and internal-threat detection. Its infrastructure isolates network and computing resources to shield traffic and personal data from other users. Moreover, it segregates your data, code, and resources from management machines, which helps in preventing attackers from manipulating or stealing data in the cloud.

3. Supports your long-term plans & intensive workloads

OCI represents a fresh, second-generation public cloud infrastructure that underpins the Oracle Cloud. The architecture is primitively designed to offer security by design security, performance predictability, and governance to support performance-sensitive critical workloads. Oracle Cloud offers the cutting-edge storage, compute, database, networking, and platform services you need for delivering significant business outcomes as you reconsider your data center requirements.

4. Easily scalable

OCI offers multiple unique tools and features that support the smooth migration of Oracle’s databases and business application portfolio. Negligible changes are needed to move its applications.

The capacity, performance, and storage of Oracle Databases can be scaled multiple times. It can reach up to 40 TB (Terabytes) of capacity and millions of IOPS (Input/Output Per Second). Oracle offers a wide range of tools for migrating, managing, and provisioning for key Oracle operations, which include PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Siebel. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is also the basis for new groundbreaking services, including microservices, integrations, blockchain, and containers, and provides the scaling options to support the deployment of IoT.

5. Exhaustive support for mobile app development

Oracle believes in constant innovation. It offers a standardized, fully-integrated app development platform that enables you to develop and manage modern mobile-first and API-first cloud applications in a cost-effective manner. Additionally, Oracle provides organizations with support for cloud-native low code developments. AppDev by Oracle delivers an extensive DevOps environment for continuous delivery (CD) and continuous integration (CI) along with integration with Software-as-a-Service and on-premise software.

6. Optimized performance at affordable prices

Oracle Cloud offers its software at the best price in the market. Workloads on its cloud often need lesser block storage volumes and compute servers. This lowers the cost of delivering workload performance. Oracle Cloud has a non-blocking architecture that helps in reducing the risk of other network users affecting the customer’s cloud environment and minimizes latency. Moreover, it is also backed by industry-leading, comprehensive, end-to-end, and financially backed SLAs.

7. Additional support to startups and SMEs

The cloud computing solution of Oracle has been designed to support all enterprises, including startups and SMBs. Small and medium enterprises often expand and experience a considerable increase in application adoption rates. However, they can also face the same obstacles faced by large corporations. Oracle Cloud supports the growth of SMBs and startups and offers conventional and modern tools for mission-critical workloads and developers.

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