AWS Migration Case Studies

Case Study | JeevLife : Seamless Cloud Migration, Enhanced Security, & Optimized Performance

JeevLife, a leader in the implementation, integration, and maintenance of Safety, Clinical, and Regulatory applications for pharmaceutical, vaccine, and CRO clients of all sizes, faced significant challenges with its extensive on-premises database infrastructure. With data spread across servers and maintained in a hybrid model, JeevLife was grappling with performance and security issues. Seeking a reliable partner for effective maintenance and robust security, JeevLife turned to GoDgtl. GoDgtl provided a comprehensive DevOps solution to migrate JeevLife’s infrastructure to the cloud while implementing a robust security framework.

The Challenge

JeevLife’s legacy infrastructure, a combination of on-premises and cloud data storage, resulted in inefficiencies and vulnerabilities. The hybrid model complicated data management and introduced performance bottlenecks and security risks.

JeevLife needed a solution that could consolidate their infrastructure, enhance performance, and ensure data security.

The Solution

GoDgtl designed a bespoke cloud migration strategy to transition JeevLife’s entire infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This comprehensive solution included:

  • Infrastructure Migration:
    • Migrated on-premises servers and additional cloud data to a unified AWS environment, encompassing servers, including a dedicated database server.
  • Network and Data Security:
    • Site-to-Site VPNs: Established secure connections for reliable data migrations.
    • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): Created isolated virtual networks to improve security and productivity.
    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Implemented to secure cloud access.
  • Performance Optimization:
    • Auto-Scaling: Enabled high availability by automatically adjusting capacity based on traffic demands.
    • Route 53: Deployed as a load balancer to efficiently manage incoming traffic.
    • Amazon Workspace through VDI: Provided robust virtual desktop infrastructure for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Support:
    • CloudWatch: Implemented for real-time monitoring of application functionality, ensuring proactive issue resolution and continuous support.
  • Comprehensive Security Measures:
    • IAM (Identity and Access Management): Controlled and restricted access to resources.
    • Data Encryption and Backup: Ensured data integrity and availability.


The collaboration between JeevLife and GoDgtl yielded significant improvements in infrastructure performance and security:

  • Complete Infrastructure Migration: Successful transition of all applications and databases to AWS, utilizing Amazon compute services for enhanced performance and reliability.
  • High Availability: Auto-scaling facilitated seamless handling of varying workloads, ensuring uninterrupted service.
  • Efficient Load Management: Route 53’s implementation improved traffic distribution and response times.
  • Enhanced Monitoring and Support: CloudWatch provided continuous oversight, enabling proactive maintenance and support.
  • Robust Security Framework:The combination of IAM, MFA, and VPC ensured comprehensive protection of JeevLife’s infrastructure, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

GoDgtl’s expert cloud migration and security solutions enabled JeevLife to overcome its infrastructure challenges, achieving enhanced performance, security, and scalability. The successful partnership highlights GoDgtl’s ability to deliver robust, tailored cloud solutions, meeting the unique needs of clients in the pharmaceutical and clinical research sectors. Through this transformation, JeevLife is now well-equipped to maintain its leadership position, providing reliable and secure services to its diverse clientele.

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