AWS Cloud Security Case Studies

Case Study | HealthGrow: Elevating Performance and Cutting Costs with GoDgtl’s AWS Solutions

HealthGrow is an innovative healthcare platform that offers a comprehensive suite of healthcare services on a single platform. With a vision to serve people with the motto “Health in your hands,” HealthGrow utilizes the latest technology solutions to provide advanced healthcare services.

The Challenge

HealthGrow faced several critical challenges with their initial on-premises infrastructure:

  • Performance Issues:The application was frequently experiencing performance bottlenecks. Their infrastructure was spread across multiple servers, which complicated data management and led to significant performance issues.
  • Data Integrity: Maintaining data integrity was a significant challenge. Data was spread across various servers, making it difficult to manage and leading to frequent maintenance issues.
  • Security Threats: HealthGrow’s platform was vulnerable to security threats such as DDoS attacks and HTTPS flood attacks. These vulnerabilities exposed the platform to potential risks and breaches.
  • Scalability and Compatibility: The existing infrastructure lacked essential scalability and compatibility features. This limitation hindered the platform’s ability to grow and adapt to increasing user demands.
  • High Maintenance Costs: The complexity of the on-premises infrastructure led to increased maintenance costs. Frequent security breaches added to the financial burden and made it difficult to ensure consistent performance and security.

The Solution

GoDgtl by Prutech provided a robust and comprehensive solution through the implementation of various AWS cloud services. The solution involved migrating HealthGrow’s infrastructure to Amazon EC2 for optimized performance and high availability.

Key components of the solution included:

  • Amazon EC2: Provided optimized, scalable compute capacity at low cost through hourly-based On-Demand pricing. EC2 Autoscaling ensured higher availability by automatically adjusting instances based on demand.
  • Cloud Migration: Comprehensive migration of applications and databases to AWS Compute services, ensuring seamless site-to-site VPNs, data migrations, and enhanced security.
  • Security Enhancements: Implementation of AWS Identity Access Management (IAM) for secure access control, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for isolated network environments.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Use of Amazon CloudWatch to monitor application performance, track metrics, and manage log files.

Additional security measures included PCI compliance, system patching, backup solutions, and a dedicated team for cloud operations.


The implementation of GoDgtl’s solution delivered significant improvements for HealthGrow:

  • Optimized Compute Capacity: Utilized Amazon EC2 for Windows to secure and scalable compute resources, optimizing resource use and reducing costs. Enhanced Security: Achieved a robust security posture through the implementation of IAM, MFA, WAF, VPC, and KMS.
  • Scalability: Enabled dynamic scaling of applications with EC2 Autoscaling, allowing the platform to grow and adapt to user demands.
  • PCI Compliance: Ensured compliance and protection against malicious activities, enhancing overall security.
  • Improved Performance Monitoring: Continuous monitoring through CloudWatch allowed for real-time log stream collection, performance tracking, and prompt issue resolution.
  • Cost Optimization: Dedicated cloud analysts identified opportunities for cost savings, making the infrastructure more economical.
  • Backup Support: Provided reliable backup solutions for cloud data, ensuring data integrity and availability.

By partnering with GoDgtl and leveraging AWS cloud services, HealthGrow successfully transformed its infrastructure. The migration and implementation of advanced AWS services resulted in enhanced security, scalability, and performance. HealthGrow is now well-equipped to focus on its core mission of delivering top-tier healthcare services, truly putting “Health in your hands.”

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