8 Microsoft Azure Services for Startups

8 Microsoft Azure Services for Startups

8 Microsoft Azure Services for Startups

Tech giant Microsoft has created a robust suite of cloud computing solutions, Azure, that is increasingly growing in demand. Already used by numerous Fortune 500 companies, the cloud computing solution is created to deploy and manage complex apps through a powerful virtual infrastructure. After serving corporates and big organizations, Azure services now focus on startups and SMEs.

Microsoft Azure aims at providing an efficient and enticing suite of Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service solutions that helps startups and enterprises create, deploy, and manage their web applications.

Here are the top 8 Microsoft Azure services that every startup can use:

1. Azure Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is one Azure service that every startup needs as it helps in the speedy growth of a business. CDN is an effective service that helps in reducing website load times which aids in speeding responsiveness and saving bandwidth. The servers of Azure CDN are designed in such a way that it consolidates a huge amount of storage space, Azure cloud services, and web applications.

This service can be used for delivering content across the world securely. Due to its low load time and high response speed, Azure CDN is at par with the best Azure services. The service is also guarded with high security so that you don’t have to spend too much time implementing other security features.

2. Virtual Machine

Virtual machines play a crucial role in managing critical workloads as well as running high-performance applications. VM is truly one of the most important Azure services when it comes to business migration and data encryption. This service by Azure enables you to create virtual machines with Windows or Linux in no time.

Moreover, it also allows you to scale to thousands of Virtual Machine instances and keep the data secure, and too while complying with all the regulations. The best part about this service is its per-second billing. Azure offers different kinds of VMs, including general-purpose VMs, compute-optimized VMs, memory-optimized VMs, and burstable VMs.

3. Logic Apps

Azure offers over 600 cloud services out of which there are a few that are extremely helpful and help your startup achieve its true potential. One such service is Logic Apps. This integral service enables you to build creative integrations and solutions. It redefines your experience by automating the workflow and keeping your business-essential apps well-connected. It is a key feature in the network of Software-as-a-Service connections, like Google Cloud, Twitter, Office 365, and cloud-based connections. It also your team members to connect with devices and data remotely from any location.

4. Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory (AD) is a service that enables sign-on and multi-factor authentications (MFA) as enterprise identity protection services. The service has been designed to protect organizations and their apps from cybersecurity threats through identity-based security systems that safeguard your systems against cyberattacks. Through Azure AD, you create a single identity platform that creates a safe environment and secures engagement with users, both internal and external. It does so by providing a single set of login credentials that makes it easier for the app developers and admins to use secure engagement.

5. Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory uses other multiple Azure cloud services, such as Azure Data Lake Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure HDInsight. It builds a data-driven workflow by ingesting data from multiple sources for automating data movement and transmission. The data generated by Data Factory can be then published on Data Lake for BI (Business Analytics) apps for data analysis and data visualization. It is important to note that Azure doesn’t store any data but enables startups to track and gauge data movement and construct a data-driven workflow.

6. Azure SQL

Azure SQL, a Platform-as-a-Service, is built to take care of database management functions, including monitoring, backups, upgrading, and patching, without the need for any human intervention. The efficacy of Azure SQL and its integrated PaaS functionalities enable you to administer industry-specific databases and hone the activities as per your business requirements.

The Azure SQL database is always updated and constantly upgraded to the latest and the most stable version of the SQL server database engine. Moreover, it is always accompanied by a patched OS that has 99.99% availability. For modern cloud apps, the Azure SQL database provides a ready-to-use data storage facility that is equipped with enhanced performance for enterprises.

7. Azure Backup

This Azure service is essential for any business. Already popular amongst startups and businesses, Azure Backup helps you backup your on-prem workload to the cloud. It is a one-click backup cloud solution that easily backs up your data, Virtual Machines, and SQL workloads in an encrypted format that is designed to protect your data and information. The service also enables you to keep your apps consistent with fsfreeze (Linux) and VSS snapshot (Windows). Moreover, you can also manage the built-in backup through its central backup portal that makes the entire backup process seem effortless.

8. Azure Function

Another useful Azure service for startups that is celebrated by enterprises across the world is Site Recovery. Azure Site Recovery is a built-in disaster recovery service designed to make ensuring business continuity easy for you, even when facing disruptive IT challenges. This Azure service is easy to set up, extremely cost-effective and provides you with the flexibility you need.

Site Recovery helps you keep your company’s maintenance costs low, minimize downtime during the crisis, and make it possible for you to test your disaster recovery plan without hindering day-to-day operations. It also helps you comply with industry regulations, such as ISO 27001.

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