Audio-To-Text Automated Conversion Using AWS Transcribe

Audio-To-Text Automated Conversion Using AWS Transcribe

Audio-to-text conversion includes the conversion of an audio file to text file. This conversion of audio-to-text is done for analysis purposes and to get the essential data. 

There are several software tools available in the market that help in the easy conversion of speech to text.  

AWS Transcribe

The AWS (Amazon Web Service) Transcribe is an Automatic Speech Recognition (SAR) service by Amazon that detects speech from an audio or video file, audio stream, or from an audio of a computer’s microphone.

AWS Transcribe generates time-stamped text transcripts from audio files that is a managed and automatic speech recognition service. It allows adding audio-to-text files to applications. AWS Transcribe has removed the low level of accuracy that was earlier provided by trained Transcribers. 

AWS Transcribe is implemented through advanced machine learning technologies for transcription.

AWS Transcribe is used for the following purposes:

  • Advertising
  • Voice Analytics
  • Media Entertainment
  • Search Compliance

There are many APIs available in the AWS Transcribe that allows for automation of converting audio files to text files. AWS Transcribe does not send the output in the same request as a response. The transcription job takes some time depending on the size of the file. 

During the transcription process the developer has to check whether the Transcribe job is complete or if any triggers are needed to identify the status of the job. The AWS Transcribe uses the S3 bucket to transcribe the MP3 file that is uploaded. Lambda will be triggered and upon execution of this lambda the text file containing the transcribed audio files is available in the S3 bucket. This transcribed text is then used as per the specific business requirements for further analysis and processing. This text can also be used for translation into different languages using the AWS Translate service.

Basic steps to follow for using AWS Transcribe

  1. Upload your audio file to an S3 bucket: AWS Transcribe requires your audio files to be stored in an S3 bucket. You can use the AWS S3 console or any S3 compatible tools to upload your audio file.
  2. Create a transcription job: Once your audio file is uploaded, you can create a transcription job using the AWS Transcribe console or the AWS CLI. You will need to specify the location of your audio file, the language of the audio, and other settings such as the format of the output file.
  1. Monitor the transcription job: AWS Transcribe will process your audio file and generate a text transcript. You can monitor the progress of the transcription job using the AWS Transcribe console or the AWS CLI.
  2. Retrieve the text transcript: Once the transcription job is complete, you can retrieve the text transcript from the output location you specified during step 2.

Key features of AWS Transcribe

  • It helps recognize multiple speakers in an audio clip.
  • Allows to Transcribe separate Audio channels.
  • Transcribes streaming audio that includes real time sound to text. 
  • Identifies custom vocabulary like EC2, S3, Names, Industry terms.
  • It supports telephony audio with high accuracy.
  • A timestamp for each word is generated for easy locating in the recorded audio.


AWS Transcribe is an automated process used for conversion of audio to text files. AWS Transcribe is a powerful tool that can save you time and effort in transcribing your audio files. It is particularly useful for businesses or organizations that need to transcribe large volumes of audio files.

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