Cloud Security Best Practices with Microsoft Azure

Cloud Security Best Practices with Microsoft Azure

“For every security lock, there is someone trying to break it”

Businesses trying to leverage cloud should use the power of Microsoft Azure to get advanced experience in cloud modernization, planning, research, and execution.

Microsoft Azure is known to be a contemporary and intelligent platform that includes 200+ products with Cloud Computing Services offering the potential to build new applications.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

  • Develop credibility and trustworthiness with Cloud Computing Technology.
    Secure your commercial data, commercial applications, and IT infrastructure, considering proactive compliance with virtual security norms. Deploy Microsoft Azure, trusted by governments, startups, and enterprises for the high-tech security of your innovative applications.
  • Operate with hybrid workflow patterns without interruptions.
    According to your requirements, workout with applications on-premises, across multiple cloud computing platforms, and at the edge. Get the scope of integrating online platforms for building new data applications with services designed for hybrid cloud.
  • Work according to your schedule
    Get the scope of customized services with the offering of language compatibility and open source commitment. Build and deploy data applications according to your preferences.
  • Gear up for future readiness – Consistent innovations from Microsoft offer the potential to build speedy, and quickly functioning data applications for continuous development. Here, the future-oriented platform provides the potential for developments with customer reach and engagement.

Cloud Security Best Practices

Microsoft Azure offers the benefit of protection of your IT commercial assets, specifically your data applications with Cloud Computing Services security.

  • Simplify, streamline and modernize your application development with Microsoft Azure in the form of a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution.
  • Azure operational security indicates the long-lasting services, quality controls, and features accessible for commercial data protection, considering application security with other real asset management in Microsoft Azure.
  • Azure operational security is empowered based on aspects with relevance to the Microsoft Security Response Center program and intense expertise in the cybersecurity threat landscape.
  • Workout by keeping a check on password management. Be assured about your commercial data and IT applications by the strong level of password protection in Cloud Data Technology.
  • Prefer the Microsoft Password Guidance manual. Monitor for untrustworthy online actions of user accounts. In such cases, keep a check on risky sign-ins and users with risk cyber threats, by Azure Ad Security Reports.
  • Operate with automated security practices by identifying high-risk passwords. Get ideal workflow management tools with security processes using Azure Ad Identity Protection that offers identification of potential vulnerabilities with the threat of affecting organization identity.
  • Develop Azure Subscriptions by operating with management groups – Instead of investing in Azure subscriptions for best security, prefer Azure management groups that offer the potential for organizing Azure subscriptions in the form of containers, also known as management groups. Operate with the ideal governance, honesty, integrity, and acceptability.

Ensuring optimum security with Microsoft Azure

  • Prevent, identify and revert to cyber security threats

The key responsibility area as one of the Cloud Security practices is developing accessibility and control over the data security of Azure resources. Get the scope for performing work operations with quality assurance by keeping a check on integrated data security monitoring and policy management with Azure subscriptions.

  • Develop the speed of your Security Information Event Management (SIEM) platform by using Cloud Computing services-oriented SIEM, which offers scope to extend service potential depending on business requirements.
  • Govern your commercial data infrastructure with process-driven and scenario-oriented network monitoring. Get the provision of network monitoring on all platforms of the virtual network, express route, Application Gateway, and load balancers.
  • Take advantage of Azure Network Watcher for diagnostic and visualization tools for the network analysis levels in the Azure platform.
  • Supervise network duties with automated remote network monitoring using the Network Capture solution.
  • Develop valuable insights into your network traffic using the flow logs solution.
  • Safeguard and protect deployments using the proven DevOps tools.

Key developments due to Microsoft Azure Cloud Security Best Practices

  • Prevents Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) – Promote the crucial role of Microsoft Azure in the prevention of Distributed Denial of Service, which is a cyber attack to exhaust the application resources.
  • Get the ideal workflow management solution for preventing cyber threats with utmost security considering the formulation and development of DDOS resilience.
  • Activate and work in compliance with the Azure policy. In this context, cloud architectures get the mega benefit of creating and managing policies according to corporate strategy to fulfill service objectives. One of the Cloud Security practices is to recognize the roles meant for the evaluation of policy violations, by making sure the appropriate action is executed promptly.
  • Modernize and streamline commercial data environment creation with blueprints – Azure Blueprint service offers the potential for Cloud Data Architects and IT groups to present by definition repeated levels of Azure security resources with compliance to an organization’s service policies,  IT security requirements, data security levels,  and service portfolio.
  • Azure Blueprint service provides the scope for the creation and development of new data security environments according to built-in components. Develop the confidence for establishing a data security environment with organizational loyalty.
  • Perform analysis and continuously evaluate data storage services considering slow response time. Prefer logging in for data evaluation and analysis for determining the root cause, affected by your data application. In this context, Azure Storage Analytics proves to be beneficial for data management, data analysis, and checking issues with storage accounts.

Invest in Cloud Security and Cloud Computing Services to accelerate work order management, digital asset management, and decision-making abilities with the highest online security levels. Revamp your IT infrastructure by investing in cloud-oriented products and services as part of your digital transformation journey.

Secure your IT infrastructure with the power of Microsoft Azure. Reach out to us for a free cloud consultation here.