DevOps and Cloud Consulting can grow your business

DevOps and Cloud Consulting can grow your business

Starting a business is exciting, but it can get difficult in little time if you do not have the right tools in hand. You know your idea is worth spreading, but how do you promote that idea?

Here, the role of AWS and DevOps plays an important part. These are two of the most powerful tools that can give your business the acceleration that it needs, especially in the initial stages. The major problems AWS and DevOps can help address include:

Data Security

Data is the basis of the business revenue model. AWS helps you make data security your strength. AWS consulting services tackle data security issues in the following ways:

AWS cloud consulting services estimate the risk of your software and accordingly design a secure workflow. Other than risk calculation, there are strong security policies that are strictly adhered to including:

  • Allowing minimum access permission (using AWS IAM, Security Groups, VPC)
  • Encrypting systems that contain Personal Identifiable Items (PII) at Rest (Using AWS KMS)
  • Regular checks and reporting of the account security using AWS Configuration
  • Intelligent threat detection and regular checks of all events using AWS via compliance management.

Welcomes Innovation

DevOps consulting helps businesses to allow more time and space for innovating. After implementing DevOps, your business will streamline the system flowchart and get better efficiency. This creates more scope for brainstorming and innovative ideas during business hours. The best businesses in the world utilize time for their people to innovate, create new services, products, or strategies, or try out different routes of getting better results. Business benefits since DevOps implementation leave you more time for innovation and problem solving that will make your business grow further in the future.

Better Customer Experience Capabilities

When your business works on proprietary solutions faster, it adapts to serve business customers. That means that DevOps can provide better customer service. In a recent research paper, based on the benefits of DevOps for business, over 70% of companies reported customer experience got better after installing a DevOps program. This is one of the biggest business benefits that you can easily unlock with DevOps.

Create mobile applications

Once your business’ online presence is up and running, let AWS take care of the mobility of your business. Configure specific features for your apps with making user authentication, push notifications, content delivery, analytics, data storage, and backend logic. Post creating your app, an AWS devops consultant evaluates your apps on real devices so you can understand and work more on app performance.

These are basic tips that will help you optimize AWS cost management, as well as AWS-managed services. To learn more about cost optimization and management, visit here.