Here’s why your startup needs cloud-first strategies

Here’s why your startup needs cloud-first strategies

Cloud-first plans mean operational strategies where a business/company transfers all or most of its data/information to cloud computing platforms like AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. A well-defined cloud plan should help in leading the company in transiting to the cloud.

Why do startups need cloud-first strategies?

  • Scalability
    For a startup, growth is always exponential. With the help of a cloud-first strategy, one can scale the growth with limited human commitment. For example, if the business website traffic suddenly rises, its servers will have to quickly upgrade. Autoscaling is one of the most advertised plus points of the cloud.
  • Reliability
    Companies often experience service outages. With the help of a cloud computing strategy, DevOps consulting, and AWS consulting services, companies can transfer the onus to the cloud computing provider. They are responsible to maintain hardware and make sure that the power supply is uninterrupted. Thereby, startups can be stress-free.
  • Cost
    All new companies look for cost-effective plans to save and optimize cloud space. Though a cloud computing business plan might appear to be on the higher note financially at the initial stages, if you add all the costs of renting an offline space plus additional costs thereof, cloud computing strategy seems to be a more efficient alternative.
  • Configurability
    This is one of the reasons why startups should consider a cloud-first strategy. We all understand the struggle of getting a new server. Buying a digital database often comes with its own hurdles. With cloud-first strategies, one only requires management’s approval for capital spending, which makes it a seamless process.
  • Observability
    Monitoring is as important as other functions to run a startup. Therefore, you need to know what your application is doing. In the cloud, some tools make our life easy. Instead of trying to plug different applications, the tool combines and logs into a single dashboard. This will give you more insights into your software and keep you up to date.

Though a cloud-first strategy may seem to be time-consuming, the process is critical for the long-term success of a startup. To reap the benefits of the cloud, one should implement cloud-first strategies.

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