How AWS IoT Can Be Used By eCommerce Businesses

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How AWS IoT Can Be Used By eCommerce Businesses

Internet of Things(IoT) signifies an ecosystem of modern and commercial devices with the ability of internet access considering the potential to interact with each other through an online connection. IoT devices perform a crucial role in the Indian eCommerce Industry in both the contexts of local consumers and also in the commercial context of logistical services with inventory management.

Globally, by the year 2025, more than 64 billion IoT devices will be used, according to the tech jury. IoT provides the scope of financial value to be $4T to $11T by the year 2025.

eCommerce Services in India

COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a significant increase in online shopping. In this context, eCommerce companies must invest in technology services, precisely IoT devices for more accurate workflows leading to a high-quality output for happy customers. IoT devices present the advantage of data interchange based on an internet network that helps both retail and eCommerce services operate with process optimization. Accordingly, this offers the scope for transforming work processes to be effective, uninterrupted, and hassle-free, all thanks to high-quality IoT services.

Enter: Amazon Web Services(AWS)

In the era of digital prominence, the Amazon Web Services marketplace is perceived to be a curated digital catalog that offers the potential for organizations to procure and govern third-party software.

Overcome adverse technical conditions for the supply of valuable services for security, business, applications, data with analytics.

How can Amazon Web Services be used by eCommerce businesses?

  • Market evaluation with personalized criteria

Indian eCommerce businesses are recognized for their potential of doing a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the online market proficiently with expertise. These commercial ventures perform their valuable analysis on the data collected from practical IoT devices and businesses derive valuable insights about their customers.

These insights are precisely about customers’ online preferences, shopping patterns, search trends, and online browsing. Accordingly, Indian eCommerce services can develop the best customer-oriented marketing campaigns for best conversion rates on basis of their customer’s purchase decisions.

  • Inventory Management and Warehouse Maintenance

Overall stock management in the warehouse is done via IoT devices and the use of device management services.  Inventory management is achieved due to the activation of technologies like smart IoT Sensors, Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID) tags, and chips.

IoT chips are used for managing and storing details of product type, manufacturer, batch IDs, with expiry dates. Smart shelves are used for keeping a check on the weight and pressure of the products on the shelf. Accordingly, this data specification is stored on the internet.

  • Modernize Supply Chain and Logistical Operations 

Indian eCommerce services are contributing to happy customers due to the valuable role of IoT devices. IoT simplifies and organizes the supply chain process by offering scope for end-to-end process management, from one end to the other end. From product order confirmation to service delivery confirmation, IoT majorly contributes.

Amazon Web Services offers safe transport of goods as eCommerce services use RFID and GPS technology to keep a check on every phase of shipment stage, location, vehicle details, the temperature of goods, driver, weather, etc.

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Safeguard your IoT devices from cloud data technology. Activate intelligent IoT services with enhanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence integration. Develop scalability by the ability to increase service potential according to business requirements for commercial growth with the scope of achieving customer reach and engagement. Maximize the intensity of the system’s potential to scale-up performance and cost according to different business needs. Accordingly, this can be done considering application modernization changes and system processing demands.

Upcoming Trends of eCommerce services

  • Augmented reality technology solutions will develop the reality of online shopping.
  • eCommerce services will witness the increasing use of voice-oriented searches.
  • Subscription models will evolve that offer scope for customer acquisition and retention so that customers use one specific eCommerce brand forever without looking at other service providers. This helps eCommerce brands to acquire and retain customers on a long-term basis for beneficial results.
  • Mobile optimized eCommerce sites, mobile compatible eCommerce sites, and online stores will contribute to a positive shopping experience with happy customers.
  • Multi-channel customer services will be offered in case of product or service inquiries and service feedback.

Benefits of AWS to eCommerce business

  • AWS provides varied services by offering secure device connectivity for commercial data management, data storage, and data analytics, providing the potential for developing complete solutions,
  • Generate models using cloud data technology with double scope for commercial network connectivity performance and less run time footprint in an eco-friendly way.
  • Activate devices to be more intelligent by offering collaboration with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

AWS IoT services are beneficial to every layer of your device application and provide high-tech commercial data security. Protect your commercial data with encryption and access control. Get the valuable benefit of auditing and monitoring configurations with the role of AWS IoT Device Defender.

If you want to upscale, and improve the quality of your eCommerce business with Amazon Web Services, connect with us at GoDgtl here.