Benefits of a cloud managed services provider

GoDgtl India Blog How partnering with a cloud managed services provider will benefit you

Benefits of a cloud managed services provider

A managed services provider (MSP) is an organization that has the wealth of knowledge and the right capability to deliver a vast variety of IT services. This can include public cloud solutions, hybrid cloud solutions, infrastructure management, information security, system monitoring and alerting, and tech support.

In this blog, we talk about what are the benefits of partnering with an MSP. But before jumping into the main topic, let us understand what exactly is an MSP.

What is a Managed Services Provider (MSP)?

The terminology “managed services” implies the practice of outsourcing management responsibilities and business administration to a third party. An MSP delivers services, like network, infrastructure, and security, through regular and ongoing support as well as active administration on the premises of the client, in the MSP’s data center, or third-party data center. The terms “managed services providers” conventionally applied to infrastructure-centric services. Over time, it has expanded to include any regular and continuous management, support, and maintenance.

8 benefits of partnering with an MSP

1. Gives you the time to focus on core business

Your IT requirements will expand as your organization grows. Your organization’s IT department might be able to cope with a part of the increased workload. However, chances are they find themselves not being able to scale according to your company’s requirements. This might force you to assign extra responsibilities to employees that aren’t on the IT team. All of this can distract the employees from performing their job and the organization’s core objectives.

Moreover, summoning an IT team member away from important tasks to help another employee recover their email password is a total waste of a talented resource. One of the big benefits of partnering with a managed service provider is that it frees up your IT team’s time to concentrate solely on the job they were hired to do. An experienced managed services provider offers you a flexible service model which enables you to decide the level of services you need for your company.

2. A dedicated team for your security concerns

Many startups and small to medium-sized companies do not have access to the right set of tools, equipment, and other resources to regularly and frequently scan their entire system end-to-end for security vulnerabilities, but your managed services provider does. Seasoned MSPs give organizations access to highly-trained expert security professionals who will work tirelessly with you to look for and fix vulnerabilities and weak spots in your system, network, and applications.

3. Your go-to contact for all issues

When you collaborate with a managed services provider, you know who to turn to in cases of crisis or issues. MSPs use their expertise to carefully analyze what’s wrong and fix what needs to be fixed in no time. MSPs are constantly monitoring system and network performances, to look for and fix issues before you even get to know that there is something to be fixed.

4. On-demand support

The biggest advantage of partnering with cloud Managed Services Providers is that they are always ready to solve the issues you are facing with your systems, infrastructure, network, or applications. Be it via email, ticketing system, or on-call, your managed services provider is always ready to help. You won’t have to fret about their availability because most MSPs also offer  24/7/365 and weekend support. So, when you’re lookout for the perfect MSP that can complement your business, look for a service provider with a presence so that they can support multiple timezones and offer round-the-clock support.

5. Scale-up/down as per need

As your business’s technology and cloud requirements evolve, you can choose to either scale up or down to match them. Managed services providers respond to your changing requirements and demands in real-time. Good MSPs have multiple certified and talented consultants available to help you out. Moreover, they can also offer advanced services, like upgraded services release management, proactive monitoring, and reporting, to help you get the best value and scalability out of this partnership.

6. Minimized downtime

Another benefit of cloud managed service providers is that instead of sitting and waiting for something to go wrong and then fixing it, MSPs rather take a proactive approach towards cloud environment maintenance. Most experienced MSPs use remote monitoring and management for identifying, diagnosing, and troubleshooting potential issues before they have a chance to become a real obstacle.

7. Free assessments

A few managed service providers, like GoDgtl, offer free assessments of your cloud infrastructure. Every public cloud computing solutions provider, like Azure and AWS, offers over 200 services to choose from. For a startup just beginning its digital transformation journey, picking the right set of services can be quite overwhelming. These assessments by managed service providers help you and the MSP understand what exactly your business requires to grow.

8. Support for compliance

Certain software platforms collect a massive amount of user data regularly to benefit your organization. However, this data needs to be maintained securely in a way that is compliant with industry-specific regulations. Though an MSP cannot entirely handle your corporate compliance needs, they can partner with your organization’s legal department to look for the regulations you need to be aware of so you can take the precautionary steps to make sure your system meets them.

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