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Case Study | NSpira’s Data Revolution: Building a Resilient Student Data Management Platform with AWS and Oracle RAC

NSpira, a prominent educational institution, encountered a pressing issue in effectively overseeing the expansion of its student data. The existing backup solution hosted on AWS struggled to cope with the rising requirements of their student database. In pursuit of a resilient and expandable remedy, NSpira collaborated with GoDgtl, a technology consulting firm, to initiate a transformative expedition.

The Challenge

NSpira encountered several pressing challenges in managing its student data:

  • Scaling for Growth: NSpira’s student population was rapidly expanding, pushing its existing platform beyond its capacity, and causing performance bottlenecks.
  • Degrading Performance: Slow response times were undermining NSpira’s commitment to provide seamless services to students and staff, negatively impacting their user experience.
  • Data Security and Backup: While the previous AWS backup solution provided data backup, it lacked comprehensive data integrity measures and a robust backup strategy to ensure availability in case of failure.

The Solution

Collaborating with NSpira, GoDgtl devised a comprehensive solution that addressed these challenges and positioned NSpira for future success. FlashGrid Cluster solves the network and storage requirements for running Oracle RAC on AWS while making it easy to deploy with a CloudFormation template.

  • Oracle RAC Deployment: GoDgtl recommended implementing Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) on AWS. This architecture provided the scalability and high availability of the database required to manage NSpira’s student data effectively.
  • FlashGrid Integration: FlashGrid, a software-defined storage solution, was chosen to simplify the deployment of Oracle RAC on AWS. This streamlined performance optimization and eased management complexities. It allows to deployment of infrastructure-as-a-code.
  • AWS Service Integration:
    1. AWS Key Management Service (KMS): To address data security concerns, AWS KMS was integrated to manage encryption keys, ensuring data protection both at rest and in transit.
    2. Amazon S3: Amazon S3 became the storage backbone, offering efficient, durable, and highly available data storage for student records and backups.
    3. Elastic Load Balancing (ELB): ELB was utilized to distribute incoming traffic among instances, enhancing the availability and fault tolerance of the platform.
    4. AWS Config: By incorporating AWS Config, NSpira gained insights into changes in resources and configurations, ensuring compliance and minimizing configuration drift risks.
    5. AWS RDS: The RDS service helped to automate database tasks and remove inefficient and time-consuming database administrative tasks.
    6. Amazon CloudWatch: CloudWatch was configured to continuously monitor performance metrics, enabling proactive identification and resolution of performance bottlenecks.
    7. AWS CloudTrail: AWS CloudTrail provided audit logs of all actions taken on the platform, bolstering security and accountability.
    8. Amazon Inspector: To strengthen security, Amazon Inspector automatically assessed vulnerabilities and recommended remediation actions.
      • Other AWS security services like KMS, Security Hub, and Guard Duty were used for continuous monitoring of the entire infrastructure.
    9. OpenVPN Implementation: GoDgtl implemented OpenVPN, a robust open-source VPN solution, to enhance security for remote access to NSpira’s websites, applications, and database systems. This ensured that authorized personnel could securely access the Oracle RAC cluster and other resources from external locations while maintaining data privacy.
    10. Amazon Route 53 Implementation: To ensure seamless and reliable access to the Oracle RAC cluster, GoDgtl set up Amazon Route 53 for DNS management. This allowed NSpira’s applications to dynamically resolve the database endpoints, ensuring high availability and efficient load distribution.
    11. AWS VPC Setup: The solution incorporated site to site AWS VPC to isolate and secure the Oracle RAC cluster within a virtual private network. VPC enabled NSpira to define network boundaries, control inbound and outbound traffic, and implement security measures like network ACLs and security groups.
    12. Amazon VPC and EC2: Amazon VPC provided a secure and isolated environment, while Amazon EC2 instances hosted the Oracle RAC architecture.
    13. AWS Directory Service: AWS Directory services was deployed to manage users, groups, and resources depending upon the Availability Zones.


NSpira’s student data was carefully migrated to the new Oracle RAC architecture. This architecture was hosted on Amazon EC2 instances within a secure Amazon VPC environment.

An advanced backup strategy was implemented, utilizing Amazon S3 for regular automated backups and incremental backups to ensure data availability in the event of failures.

AWS KMS was integrated to manage encryption keys, ensuring data remained secure throughout its lifecycle. Amazon Inspector conducted regular security assessments, identifying, and addressing vulnerabilities.

Amazon CloudWatch was set up to monitor performance metrics continuously, providing real-time insights for prompt identification and resolution of potential performance bottlenecks.


  • Scalability Achieved: The integration of AWS services with the Oracle RAC architecture enabled NSpira’s platform to scale seamlessly, accommodating the growing student database without compromising performance.
  • Enhanced Performance: The Oracle RAC architecture, coupled with performance monitoring using Amazon CloudWatch, led to significant improvements in response times, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Security and Compliance Assured: The integration of AWS KMS, CloudTrail, and Inspector ensured robust data security, compliance with regulations, and proactive identification of vulnerabilities.
  • Reliable Backup and Recovery: The advanced backup strategy utilizing Amazon S3 facilitated secure data backup and rapid recovery, minimizing downtime risks and ensuring data availability.

About GoDgtl

GoDgtl by PruTech is an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS. Through our innovative and customized cloud services, we help our customers to design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on cloud, accelerating their journey to the cloud. We offer cost-effective and secure cloud solutions through the effective implementation of the latest cloud technologies and processes that are highly scalable and compatible with changing market demands.

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AWS Storage Services Blog

Exploring Hybrid Capabilities of AWS Storage Gateway: Bridging On-Premises and Cloud Environments

With the ever-increasing demand for cloud-based solutions, organizations are constantly striving to optimize their operations and maximize their resources. AWS Storage Gateway offers a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates on-premises infrastructure with the limitless potential of the cloud.

By leveraging AWS Storage Gateway, organizations can effortlessly extend their on-premises storage into the cloud, enabling them to securely store and retrieve data whenever needed. This innovative technology ensures a smooth and efficient transition, allowing businesses to take full advantage of the cloud’s scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Understanding AWS Storage Gateway

AWS Storage Gateway is a highly adaptable service that serves as a crucial link between on-premises environments and AWS Cloud storage services. This remarkable solution enables organizations to effortlessly expand their on-premises data centers into the cloud, all while ensuring top-notch security. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with various AWS storage solutions, including the renowned Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, and Amazon Glacier. By leveraging this powerful tool, businesses can attain a unified storage experience that harmoniously combines the advantages of both on-premises and cloud environments.

Key capabilities of Hybrid system

1. File Gateway

The File Gateway functionality of AWS Storage Gateway allows businesses to store files as objects in Amazon S3 buckets, which can be accessed from both on-premises environments and the cloud. This feature provides a cost-effective solution for file-based workloads by eliminating the requirement for local storage management, while offering scalable and durable storage in the cloud. File Gateway supports industry-standard file protocols, making it seamless to integrate with existing applications and workflows.

Whether you are using NFS or SMB protocols, File Gateway seamlessly integrates with your systems, ensuring a smooth transition to cloud storage.

2. Volume Gateway

For organizations requiring block-level storage, Volume Gateway offers two modes: Stored Volumes and Cached Volumes.

Stored Volumes facilitate the creation of Amazon EBS snapshots and securely store the data in Amazon S3. This approach is highly suitable for both primary data storage and disaster recovery purposes. It offers expedited access to frequently accessed data, ensuring minimal latency. Additionally, it empowers you to effortlessly generate cloud-based backups that are readily accessible whenever needed.

Cached Volumes enable the utilization of Amazon S3 as the primary data repository while simultaneously preserving frequently accessed data on a local level. This approach effectively reduces the necessity for substantial local storage, all the while ensuring the provision of low-latency performance for frequently accessed data.

3. Tape Gateway

Tape Gateway provides a smooth transition to cloud-based archival for organizations that heavily depend on tape backups. It introduces virtual tape libraries (VTLs) that utilize Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier as cost-effective storage solutions for long-term data retention. This eliminates the hassle of managing physical tape libraries and provides the benefits of cloud scalability and durability.

With Tape Gateway, organizations can effortlessly embrace the benefits of cloud technology for their archival needs.

Benefits of AWS Storage Gateway

1. Cost Efficiency

By utilizing cloud storage, organizations can enhance cost optimization by easily adjusting storage capacity without the need for initial investments in physical hardware. Furthermore, the implementation of data tiering capabilities enables efficient storage allocation based on access patterns, ensuring the utilization of the most cost-effective storage class. This strategic approach not only streamlines expenses but also provides flexibility and scalability for businesses.

2. Scalability

AWS Storage Gateway offers the remarkable advantage of scaling your storage infrastructure without the constraints of on-premises hardware. Whether you are dealing with escalating data volumes or seasonal spikes, cloud-based storage can effortlessly cater to your requirements. This unparalleled flexibility ensures that your storage needs are met efficiently and effectively.

3. Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Storing data in the cloud using AWS Storage Gateway significantly enhances data protection and disaster recovery capabilities. With automated backups, snapshots, and the exceptional durability of AWS storage services, your data is guaranteed to remain safe and easily recoverable.

4. Hybrid Architecture

The AWS Storage Gateway seamlessly integrates with your existing on-premises infrastructure, allowing you to effortlessly retain essential data on-site while transferring less frequently accessed data to the cloud. This enables you to maintain critical data on-site while offloading less frequently accessed data to the cloud, optimizing storage resource utilization.


AWS Storage Gateway is a robust tool that enables organizations to fully embrace the potential of hybrid cloud architectures. By seamlessly connecting on-premises environments with AWS cloud storage services, businesses can achieve cost-effective scalability, enhanced data protection, and streamlined data management. Whether you are dealing with file-based workloads, block-level storage, or tape backups, AWS Storage Gateway offers versatile solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, embracing hybrid capabilities can strategically position your organization for success in the cloud era.

GoDgtl by Prutech is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner offering robust cloud solutions to organizations. Our mission is to assist individuals in developing their knowledge of cloud computing and help businesses strive for greater success by implementing the best practices and expertise in the industry. Our goal is to build a strong and reliable cloud computing ecosystem by sharing valuable insights into the technological intricacies within cloud space.

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AWs Storage Services Case Studies

Case Study | Empowering Storage Solutions: VRetail’s Centralized Hub with AWS

VRetail Pvt. Ltd. is a leading fashion and footwear brand having its stores spread across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka.

VRetail is spread across 30 stores in India. Before approaching GoDgtl they were facing major challenges in maintaining the data stored on their on-premises servers. They were looking for a reliable partner who can provide an efficient auto backup solution for their crucial data.

GoDgtl suggested Amazon Web Services to the client to migrate their legacy data from on-premises to AWS for their 30 stores across India.

The Challenge

VRetail boasts a significant presence with 30 operational stores spread across various regions in India. Nevertheless, the absence of a centralized repository proved to be a substantial hurdle in terms of information management. Vital data, integral to the company’s operations, was scattered across these numerous locations, resulting in a fragmented landscape that hindered efficient access and timely analysis.

The consequence of this fragmented data approach was evident in the allocation of valuable time and resources. The process of manually gathering and organizing the dispersed information demanded considerable effort from the team. This not only consumed precious resources but also delayed the availability of essential insights crucial for informed decision-making.

In essence, the lack of a centralized repository not only complicated data access but also had a tangible impact on the organization’s ability to respond swiftly and strategically. The accumulation of inefficiencies resulting from data fragmentation impeded the company’s potential to harness its data for proactive and informed decision-making.

The Solution

In the process of exploring suitable cloud solutions, VRetail embarked on a journey of consideration among several key players in the cloud market. It was during this phase that GoDgtl by Prutech proposed a strategic shift towards AWS services, introducing the concept of a centralized data repository.

The initial step involved migrating client data to Amazon S3, an acclaimed cloud storage service by Amazon. This migration brought to the forefront the scalability, data availability, performance enhancements, and an advanced layer of security through Amazon Maice for Data Loss Prevention.

To ensure a comprehensive approach to data management and security, an ingenious auto backup system was established for all 30 stores. This system seamlessly transfers data to the cloud through our internally crafted scripts, effectively minimizing costs while maximizing data security.

GoDgtl’s provision of nearly 1TB storage space paved the way for effortless scalability, effectively catering to the evolving needs of VRetail’s expanding operations. Amazon S3’s professional and efficient storage solution guarantees unhindered data accessibility and optimal data management, serving as a backbone for the organization’s data operations.

In the event of application or system failures, the implementation of Amazon S3 was further reinforced by Amazon EC2. This strategic move ensured not only scalability but also eliminated the necessity of investing in new hardware. By leveraging Amazon VPC, an isolated network was established, enabling enhanced security configuration and network management.

The inclusion of Amazon CloudWatch and CloudTrail played a pivotal role in logging and monitoring user activities and resource actions, providing comprehensive insights and facilitating resource tracking.

To facilitate seamless data transfer, AWS CLI (Command Line Interface) services were adeptly integrated, enabling the swift upload of large files to the cloud.

The cumulative implementation of these AWS Storage services culminated in the creation of a robust and dependable backup system for VRetail. This transformative transition ensures data integrity, accessibility, and resilience, amplifying VRetail’s operational strength in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Results & Benefits

GoDgtl orchestrated the seamless backup of data from the client’s 30 stores onto Amazon S3, facilitated by the strategic integration of the Amazon auto backup solution. Further expanding on this initiative, we successfully established a robust data backup mechanism, enabling seamless synchronization between AWS and their desktop systems.

The resultant benefits of this endeavor are noteworthy:

  • Holistic Data Migration: The entire transition of on-premise data to the AWS cloud was meticulously executed, ensuring a comprehensive migration process.
  • Centralized Repository: By successfully implementing these strategies, a centralized repository was established, bringing all dispersed data under a single, cohesive umbrella.
  • Scalability Empowered: The AWS cloud environment provided a dynamic platform for scaling operations, accommodating the client’s growing needs without constraints.
  • Security Fortified with DLP: The application of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) techniques fortified data security, assuring stringent safeguards against potential breaches.
  • Enhanced Performance and Data Management: Effective data management strategies were deployed, resulting in heightened data performance and streamlined operations.
  • Optimized Costs: The implementation yielded not only data management optimization but also considerable cost savings.

This concerted effort by GoDgtl marks a significant milestone in fortifying the client’s data ecosystem, ultimately driving efficiency, security, and strategic growth.

About GoDgtl

GoDgtl by PruTech is an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS. Through our innovative and customized cloud services, we help our customers to design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on cloud, accelerating their journey to the cloud. We offer cost-effective and secure cloud solutions through the effective implementation of the latest cloud technologies and processes that are highly scalable and compatible with changing market demands.

Our cloud managed services are offered through a holistic approach to the cloud

AWS Storage Services Blog

Demystifying AWS Storage Gateway: Bridging On-Premises and Cloud Storage

Businesses around the world are increasingly adopting hybrid cloud strategies to leverage the benefits of both on-premises infrastructure and cloud services. One of the critical challenges in this endeavor is bridging the gap between on-premises storage systems and the cloud. 

AWS Storage Gateway, a powerful service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), is designed to address this very challenge. 

Let us explore the unique features of AWS Storage Gateway and how it seamlessly integrates on-premises and cloud storage, unlocking new possibilities for businesses.

Understanding AWS Storage Gateway

AWS Storage Gateway is a cutting-edge hybrid cloud storage service that seamlessly connects on-premises environments with AWS cloud storage. Serving as a vital bridge between your existing applications and the highly scalable, durable, and cost-effective cloud storage solutions provided by AWS, Storage Gateway empowers you to extend your on-premises storage into the cloud. This enables the creation of a dynamic hybrid architecture that harmoniously combines the strengths of both environments.

Storage Gateway Architectures

AWS Storage Gateway supports three different architectural configurations, each catering to specific use cases:

  • File Gateway (NFS and SMB): The File Gateway offers a convenient file interface for accessing objects stored in Amazon S3. It functions as a Network File System (NFS) mount or a Server Message Block (SMB) share, allowing applications to seamlessly access cloud storage through familiar file-based protocols. This configuration proves particularly advantageous in scenarios such as content distribution, data backup, and disaster recovery.
  • Volume Gateway (iSCSI): The Volume Gateway allows you to effortlessly create iSCSI block volumes that can be easily mounted as devices by your on-premises servers. These volumes can be supported by either Amazon S3 as snapshots, known as Stored Volumes, or by live data in Amazon S3 and Amazon EBS, known as Cached Volumes. The Volume Gateway is specifically designed for various scenarios, including storage tiering, data migration, and cloud-based backups. With the Volume Gateway, you can seamlessly manage your storage needs, ensuring efficient storage tiering to optimize performance and cost. It provides a reliable solution for securely migrating your data to the cloud, eliminating the complexities associated with traditional data migration methods.
  • Tape Gateway (VTL): The Tape Gateway serves as a virtual tape library (VTL) in the cloud, enabling the substitution of physical tape-based backups with virtual tapes stored in Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier. It seamlessly integrates with backup software supporting the iSCSI protocol, offering a cost-effective, scalable, and reliable backup solution.

How AWS Storage Gateway Works?

The working of AWS Storage Gateway can be summarized in the following steps:

  • Deployment: To begin utilizing AWS Storage Gateway, it is necessary to deploy a virtual appliance within your on-premises environment. This virtual appliance serves as the crucial link connecting your applications to cloud storage.
  • Configuration: After deploying the virtual appliance, you can easily configure the gateway through the AWS Management Console or API. This process involves specifying the desired gateway type (File, Volume, or Tape), defining local storage settings, and establishing a secure connection to your AWS account.
  • Data Transfer: With the gateway in place and configured, your applications can now read and write data to the on-premises gateway. Depending on the gateway type, the data is stored either in Amazon S3 or in a combination of Amazon S3 and Amazon EBS or Amazon Glacier.
  • Cloud Integration: The data stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS) can serve multiple purposes, including data backup, archival, data processing, and analytics. AWS offers a range of services, such as Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, and Amazon Glacier, which form the foundation for fulfilling these storage requirements.
  • Data Management: AWS Storage Gateway simplifies data management by automatically handling tasks such as backup, data compression, encryption, and data tiering, all based on the storage class. This enables you to direct your attention towards your core business operations, free from concerns about storage complexities. With AWS Storage Gateway, you can effortlessly manage your data, ensuring its security and efficiency, while dedicating your valuable time and resources to driving your business forward.

Benefits of AWS Storage Gateway

  • Seamless Integration: The AWS Storage Gateway offers a seamless integration between on-premises applications and cloud storage, facilitating a hassle-free transition to the cloud and enabling the adoption of hybrid storage solutions. This powerful tool ensures a smooth migration process while maintaining the utmost professionalism and efficiency.
  • Cost-Effective Storage: By leveraging the scalable and cost-effective AWS cloud storage services, businesses can enhance their storage cost optimization efforts while ensuring optimal performance and durability.
  • Scalability and Elasticity: AWS cloud storage provides virtually unlimited scalability, guaranteeing that your storage infrastructure can expand in tandem with your business requirements. This feature empowers you to effortlessly accommodate the growing demands of your organization.
  • Data Protection and Durability: By leveraging AWS’s robust data redundancy and durability features, your valuable data is shielded from potential hardware failures, guaranteeing its utmost protection. Moreover, AWS empowers you to effortlessly adhere to data retention requirements, ensuring seamless compliance with essential standards.
  • Simplified Management: AWS Storage Gateway automates several storage management tasks, reducing operational overhead and making it easier for IT teams to manage their storage infrastructure.


AWS Storage Gateway is a powerful tool that enables businesses to embrace hybrid cloud storage models without sacrificing performance, security, or scalability. AWS Storage Gateway is a robust solution that effectively bridges the divide between on-premises and cloud storage. This innovative technology paves the way for exciting new opportunities in data backup, disaster recovery, archival, and data processing. As an increasing number of organizations embrace cloud strategies, the remarkable flexibility and cost-effectiveness of AWS Storage Gateway position it as an irresistible choice for fulfilling modern data storage requirements.

GoDgtl by Prutech is an Advanced Consulting Partner offering the latest technology AWS solutions. Our expertise team of cloud engineers provides the right solutions for cloud storage and maintenance of your infrastructure.

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